Official Speaking of the Devils SCF Drinking* Game!

Twitter: @SpeakoftheDevs


(* – Speaking of the Devils in no way endorses abuse of alcohol, consumption of alcohol by anyone under the legal drinking age, and/or the operation of any vehicle (including bicycles) or any machine (including, but not limited to, blenders) while under the influence of alcohol. This game is for entertainment purposes and I don’t take responsibility for any of you overdoing it. Just have fun out there.)

          One Drink…
• If Pierre McGuire tells someone to "..have fun out there."
• Every time "Kovalchuk turned down the Kings' offer" is mentioned.
• For every Doc "...it.. rang.. off ... the .. pipe!"
• Every time someone reminds you that these teams haven't played each other since October.
• For every Richards/Carter split-screen bromance shot.

           Two Drinks…
• Every time David Clarkson falls down. <em>(BONUS SHOT: If he scores while falling)</em>
• If the 4th line is actually called by their real name, the "CBGB" line.
• Every time Doc says "jostled."
• Every time there's a closeup of Ryan Carter's mustache.
• If Doc tells you what a player's hometown is.
• For every "..and (random celebrity) is here, star of NBC's (insert crappy show here)."

          Three Drinks…
• Every time Sidney Crosby is mentioned.
• If anyone says anything about "two halftimes," commercials included.
• For every Wayne Gretzky clip shown. (BONUS SHOT: If the words "Mickey" and/or "Mouse" are mentioned)

• Every time they show a celebrity sitting in the stands in LA...and they're actually watching the game.
• If Doc or Pierre drop an F-bomb.
• If anyone calls the team the Sacramento Kings.

          GOAL SHOT…
• Every time the Devils score.